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15 Sep 2016

Spectacular Senior Living

This home is located in a senior living neighborhood. All homes are customized to the homeowner’s taste. Take a look at how grand the senior years will be in a Smart Construction, Inc. home in our “Spectacular Senior Living” gallery. DREAM. BUILD. LIVE.

08 Sep 2016

Uptown Garage Apartment

UPDATE to the UPTOWN GARAGE APARTMENT:  Painting, hardwood floor installation, trim, and lighting installation in progress. This UPTOWN GARAGE APARTMENT was designed by Smart Construction, Inc. It will house a two bay garage with a studio apartment and full bath. To follow the progress of the project, like our Facebook page and check back for updates. If you are interested in a garage apartment, please contact us at matthew@smartconstructionhomes.com. DREAM. BUILD. LIVE.
08 Sep 2016

The Homestead

The Homestead is custom home plan that Smart Construction, Inc. designed in-house with the customers’ dreams in mind. We invite you to follow the progress of this home. Framing and house wraping in process.

08 Sep 2016

The Lake House Renovation

Pretty things are happening at the Lake House Renovation. Cabinets are being installed. Smart Construction, Inc. invites you to follow our progress. DREAM. BUILD. LIVE.